Rzeszow is the place of trade – the current situation of Rzeszow shopping facilities.

Apart from the nine traditional shopping centers (according to the PRRF classification), dozens of other large-scale shopping centers operate in Rzeszow. These are both centers from the early 90’s, freestanding supermarkets as well as specialist centers. The ongoing competition makes some older objects change their functions, as exemplified by former CH Rejtan converted into hospital. Galeria Graffica has overcame a less extreme transformation, it became the first outlet in the area – Outlet Graffica. Despite a strong competition, the vacancy rate in modern facilities is relatively low and stands at 1,9% (0,2 p.p increase compared to December 2016). The inhabitants of the Podkarpackie Voivodship and the customers from beyond the eastern border benefit from Rzeszow commercial facilities.

Undoubtly the best shopping centers in Rzeszow are Millennium Hall and Galeria Rzeszow. Both of them enjoy high traffic and low vacancy rates. The first shopping center, thanks to the proactive management and unique architecture (with an internal patio), aspires to be a life style center. The inner square is transformed into a beach with bars and in the side streets there is a Fruit Market. In the corridors of the center there is a train, which carries children. In the evening you can go to the cinema or music club located in the center. In the Millennium Hall operates the Siemacha Association and the Millennium Sports Club. Galeria Rzeszow is a typical modern downtown shopping center with children’s playground, cinema and fitness club. Both centers present good quality of tenants. Interestingly in these centers, especially in Millennium Hall, we find dozen multibrand stores (such as My Way Concept Store).

Galeria Nowy Swiat remains a center of this district of the city. An interesting solution introduced by this facility is the allocation of the entire floor of entertainment, recreation and education – we can find here Cross Gym, Calypso fitness, Kinderplaneta, Kula bowling center, Judo Academy, Karate Club as well as Yamaha School, language school and several bars and cafes.

Plaza Rzeszow and Galeria Lazur are located in the southern part of the city, being the biggest shopping hub of the city. In Plaza Rzeszow, where at the end of July an expanded Decathlon store will be open, we have seen the greatest availability of rental properties.

Other shopping centers in Rzeszow are hypermarkets with small shopping and service centers, where Auschan Krasne is a suburban facility, and Tesco and Bi1 are located in the south and west respectively.