January monitoring of the main shopping streets in Warsaw

The January monitoring of the main shopping streets in Warsaw showed the deepening of unfavorable trends observed in this market segment. It is especially visible on the representative Trakt Królewski (section Nowy Świat-Krakowskie Przedmieście), where in the last six months, as many as 15 commercial units were deserted. The most spectacular "exits" from Nowy Świat were: the closure of the clothing store of the H&M chain, the jewelry store and fashion accessories of Frey Wille, the reduction of the area occupied by the A. Blikle confectionery. However, from Krakowskie Przedmieście disappeared among others KFC fast food restaurant, as well as the India Shop that has been operating there since the 90's. Good information is the reopening of the pavilion on the Hoover Square – new headquarters of the Jazz Club Aquarium and taking over the unit after the H&M store by the Cocktail Bar MAX, which is known to the majority of Warsaw residents.


On the basis of last year's trends – leaving the occupied premises by tenants – it is clear that the fashion sector on the main shopping streets is in retreat, which is not good at currently implemented office investments with commercial modules on the ground floor. Recently, no breakthrough in the luxury brands segment has been observed – the main destination of multi-brands from the higher price level is still Mokotowska street and Piłsudski square. Outside the strict city center, grocery chains, basic gastronomy and health and beauty services (hairdressers, beauty salons, manicures & pedicures) continue to grow most dynamically. In addition, second-hand clothing stores started to appear here again. Tenant turnover outside the city center is slightly lower than in the city center due to the lower level of rent rates.