Child-friendly shopping centres

In Warsaw, shopping with children is particularly comfortable in the Arkadia shopping centre – a new two-level playground with slides is located on the food court. The availability and good quality of children's toy cars are clearly visible in the seaside shopping centres – they can be rented in almost every scheme. The majority of Wrocław’s galleries have appropriate markings which make it much easier to move around with a baby carriage and which is particularly important for visitors of shopping centres. Coin-operated machines in various shapes (mainly toy cars for boys and ponies for girls), playgrounds as well as rooms for parents with children are the standard. Some toilets in Kraków’s shopping centres are specially adapted for kids, with lowered urinals and sinks. Especially in Galeria Bronowice, Galeria Kazimierz and Serenada, they are comfortable and kept in clean condition.

What elements of a shopping centre mean that it is safe for children? What a shopping centre should offer to be ideal for visiting with a child/children under the age of 12? Answers to these questions and many more can be found in our report http://www.colliers.com/en-pl/poland/research/premium-reports/centra-handlowe-przyjazne-dzieciom-2018.