High streets in Warsaw

August monitoring of the main shopping streets in Warsaw showed changes in this market segment. A specific renaissance for the gastronomy and grocery stores can be observed, while the financial services are optimizing their assets and disappearing from the main streets. On the Nowy Świat street, there are twelve vacant premises, while on the Krakowskie Przedmieście and Świętokrzyska streets, the vacancy rate is dropping and empty premises are taken over by new tenants.

There are a few new places on the Nowy Świat street, like the EVIL and Despacito restaurants. Krakowskie Przedmieście street has acquired, among others, the Marconi Restaurant near Twardowskiego square, and Pan Kejk, opened in the former KFC space. On the main streets of Warsaw, one can observe the optimization of the financial services. Most of them are relocating to the new office buildings, while their former space is usually taken by gastronomic joints and grocery stores. For example, Carrefour Express has replaced the branch of City Handlowy bank on the Wilsona Square, while the vacant space left by Credit Agricole on Marszałkowska Street is still without a tenant.

Additionally, outside the strict city center, health and beauty services (like hairdressers, beauty salons, manicures & pedicures studios) continue to grow dynamically. Places of these specializations are opening especially farther outside the downtown, on the shopping streets like Targowa or Rzeczpospolitej Avenue, where lower rents, many vacant spaces, and also new housing projects (Wilanów) or revitalizations of old buildings (Praga) are attracting new tenants