Walk through commercial streets of Wrocław

Winter monitoring of main high streets of Wrocław included Świdnicka, Rynek and Oławska streets. There aren’t many new tenants in Świdnicka –  a few new vacant units have emerged, Fresh Market shop was replaced by Żabka, Alior Bank local branch has disappeared.

Wrocław’s market square is a traditional gastronomic location in which we can observe only very limited replacements between tenants – in second half of 2018, a new dumpling restaurant “Viva La Pierogi” has been opened.

At the time of our research, in Rynek and Oławska Street, a Christmas Fair was in full swing, offering several dozen of stands with regional foods and crafts. The Fair was endowed in an elaborate set design that offered families  lots of entertainment  with its Fairy-Tale Forest, Winter Labyrinth, Santa’s gallery in a little house, music stage, merry-go-round, windmill and Christmas tree. There is also a gastronomic offer for visitors.