What’s new on commercial streets of Poznań

In December 2018, we went out for a walk through the main commercial streets of Poznań – Półwiejska and Św. Marcin – and also visited Stary Rynek. The biggest changes are currently taking place on Św. Marcin Street, since this popular passageway is under renovation. In parallel to that, a few owners of the tenement buildings decided to renovate their properties, making thus the commercial premises on the ground floor more attractive. In Św. Marcin Street, there are currently almost twenty vacant retail units.

There are no major changes on Półwiejska Street. Apart from the Stary Browar, most shopping centers, passages and department stores in this street are suffering from high vacancy rates and tenants’ rotation. A tenement house in 37 Półwiejska Street is currently under renovation, while on Wiosny Ludów Square, a new hotel is under construction.

Stary Rynek is a traditionally a major gastronomic location, with a seasonal variation of the Christmas Fair, which stretches from Paderewskiego Street to Wolności Square. The main attractions of the Fair are: ferris wheel, music stage, merry-go-round, Christmas trees and a few dozen stands with local crafts and foods.