Beginning of Summer in Warsaw

The summer tour of the main shopping streets in Warsaw did not record any spectacular changes, but it is worth mentioning a few new catering locations which appeared or will appear soon in the city centre. At the Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe building at Nowy Świat, Charlotte Bread & Wine will be opened soon. Additionally, in Nowy Świat a modern street food joint, the Daddy Cool and the Pijana Wiśnia drink bar have been opened. Sphinx restaurant appeared in Krucza Street as well as Columbus Cafe in Piękna Street. In the Hala Koszyki, the Bierhalle’s place was taken over by the American restaurant Jeff's. There is a growing number of Żabka or Carrefour Express shops and Armenian-Georgian bakeries in the main Warsaw streets.

We also recorded the biggest drop in vacancy rates in Grójecka Street, while on Chmielna Street, Wilcza Street and Jerozolimskie Avenues we can still observe quite a high availability of vacancies, which are mostly owned by the Capital City of Warsaw’s Real Estate Management Department.

It is worth noting the growing importance of Tamka St. as a place connecting Nowy Świat and Krakowskie Przedmieście with the Vistula Boulevards as well as the streets of Wola, which is one of the most dynamically developing districts of Warsaw and its potential has been recognised by numerous investors. It is also noteworth that luxury clothing brands are returning to the Three Crosses’ Square. The example is a first shop of Italian brand Fabiana Filippi, which has been opened in Ethos.