July Wrocław

The recent summer monitoring of the main high streets of Wrocław included Rynek, Świdnicka with Kosciuszki Square and also Oławska, Kuźnicza, Pawła Włodkowica and Świętego Antoniego Streets.

Tenants remain almost the same on Świdnicka Street. Piwiarnia Warka beer pub has been closed, the place is still waiting for a new tenant.

Wrocław’s Market Square and the neighboring streets are mainly a touristic and gastronomic zone. Visitors can buy not only  souvenirs, but also eat well, buy ice-cream and relax with coffee.

In Wrocław’s Market Square, we have observed some shifts among the gastronomic tenants, but still restaurants, coffehouses and pubs are the most common here. A new vegan ice-cream parlor has been opened, as well as a new pub – Pijalnia Wiśnia.

In Oławska Street, the Citibank Handlowy’s branch has closed, while an Indian shop Lokaah and Vincent Café have been opened.

The Selfie Café has been opened in Kuźnicza Street and Bite Kebab was closed.

In Pawła Włodkowica and Świętego Antoniego Streets, gastronomy tenants are also the most common ones. The Hawaiian restaurant Poke Poke, Thai food Dim Sum, and Frytki SOS eatieries have been opened on Świętego Antoniego. In Pawła Włodkowica, wine connoisseurs can frequent not only The Winners Pub, but also a new restaurant, Zbawcy Win.