Krowarzywa in Łódź

We started our winter tour of the main shopping streets in Łódź, from Piotrkowska – the most presentable of the city’s streets. It has recently gained new tenants: the vegan restaurant Krowarzywa, Amore Vero Pizzeria, which had replaced Golden Crepes, and OXYD, carrying women’s fashion. Several tenants disappear from Piotrkowska Street, including the Shrimp House restaurant and The Retro shoe shop. However, we are in for the opening of such concepts as: the Armenian bakery, Al-Andalus language school, and the Komediowa pub owned by stand-upper Rafał Paczes.

Designer cargo containers with waffles, Belgian fries or pizza disappeared from the OFF-Piotrkowska complex. The good news is, a new gastronomy brand, “Len i Bawełna”, has opened its doors at the “Teal” office building on the same premises.

No major changes at 217 Piotrkowska, as far as the food and drink scene is concerned. However the KołoWrotki roller skating rink has closed.