Tricity landscape – what has changed over the past 6 months?

The biggest increase in vacancy rates has been observed at Gdynia’s Świętojańska Street. Two bank units have disappeared from the street in the last several months: PKO BP and ING Bank Śląski. The Świat Książki bookstore at 80, and the Ecco shop at number 39, have both left.


Gdańsk and Sopot have been stable. The number of a vacancies on shopping streets is not increasing. We have observed that some food & beverage tenants are closing their premises or being replaced by others. Gdańsk-wise,  the SPHINX restaurant has been closed at 32 Dlugi Targ Street, and so has Subway at number 56. However, Pierogarnia Nana's has opened at 13 Stągiewna Street, alongside STEKOWNIA, a restaurant serving delicious beef (where a Bolesławiec ceramics shop was previously located).


It is worth keeping in mind the growing importance of the Stary Maneż and the Garnizon Estate. The multifunction complex is a very interesting area of the city, full of commerce, offices and apartments. The number of retail and service areas available for rent on the ground floors of buildings is consistently decreasing. Recently, the estate has seen an addition in the form of  the Włoszczyzna pizzeria, and an interesting concept is planned for the nearest future, opening on over 300 m² – Dr. Oetker’s Studio Wszystkiego Słodkiego.


The situation is similar, Sopot-wise. Some tenants are closing down at the popular "Monciak" strip, while others have been observed achieving quite the opposite. For example, the Smak Słowa bookstore has filled the vacancy at 6A Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, and the Whiskey Academy Club has closed down at number 41C. However, the family restaurant “Jarek PIEROGowski” has replaced the Cyrano at 11, having moved from its original Bohaterów Monte Cassino 29 location, thus boosting the standard of the location.

What is still worth noting, regardless of whether we are in Gdańsk, Sopot or Gdynia, is a visible increase in the number of Żabka convenience food stores.