Overview of Wrocław high strets

We started the winter inventory of Wroclaw shopping streets from Świdnicka Street together with Kościuszki Square. Then we went to the Town Square and streets Oławska, Kuźnicza. Finally, we monitored Pawła Włodkowica and Święty Antoni streets.

The tenants' situation is stable on Świdnicka Street. Compared to the last six months, we have not seen many changes. The number of vacancies remains at a very similar level. Vacant premises are still undeveloped for a long time.

The gastronomy sector dominates on the Wrocław market. Tenants turnover is inappreciable, we found empty premises, iamong others, after the Viva La Pierogi restaurant and the Voda and Heca pubs. The Żabka chain food store has become a new tenant in the center of Wrocław.

When visiting the Wroclaw Market Square, one could not pass by one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Poland. Fragrant Christmas trees, the aroma of mulled wine and the smell of Christmas gingerbread could make every passerby feel the magic of Christmas. The fairytale atmosphere encouraged residents of Wrocław and tourists to buy various unusual products offered by sellers from all over Poland.

The owners of neighboring eating places have certainly not complained about the increased traffic on the Wrocław market square. Regardless of the time of day, restaurants were bursting at the seams.


A set of tenants on Oławska Street, largely unchanged, only the Idealna Para  shoe store was closed. Several vacant premises recorded last year are still waiting for new owners to reopen.

Small shuffles at Kuźnicza Street. Place Coctail Bar Mieszane Uczucia was taken by Biggy serving pizza and burgers, and the bistro Mama Am filled the void after Klimat and Ślimak cafes. Two vacant spaces also disappeared from the street, they were taken by Kebab Kebz and Lunch Bar.

Very crowded around Pawła Włodkowica and Święty Antoni Streets. Intimate restaurants and interesting commercial offers attract residents and nearby tourists. The vacancy rate dropped, vacancies regained their lives thanks to the Hebe drugstore and the Peruwjana restaurant. DimSun Thai restaurant has given way to gofreak waffles.