Main shopping streets in Wroclaw

Trade, services and gastronomy at the main shopping streets in Wroclaw have not changed significantly during the last six months – this is the main conclusion from the analysis made in June this year by Colliers experts. The number of vacancies has increased slightly and is currently at the level of 10% (according to the number of monitored units). “Pasaz pod Blekitnym Sloncem”, formerly a place for premium stores, changes its character and serves office, service and exhibition functions. The Wroclaw’s Main Square remains a strong gastronomic destination, with a relatively small rotation of restaurants, bars and cafes. Old tenement houses near Swidnicka Steer and Olawska Street are being renovated, which improves the quality of commercial premises for rent, located at the ground floors of the buildings. Such renovations also took place near Swidnicka Street and pl. Teatralny and another are taking place on Olawska and Szewska Street. Among the new points opened recently at the main Wroclaw’s shopping streets are Ziko Pharmacy and Carrefour Express near Olawska Street.