A situation in shopping centers in Szczecin is still positive

There are eleven shopping centers in Szczecin, including one outlet. By the end of the first half of 2017, the vacancy rate increased from 2,9% (end of 2016) to 3,3%.

The flagship shopping centers in Szczecin are Galaxy and Galeria Kaskada. The first one, despite the difficulties in expansion, enjoys great customer interest and a good and constant tenant mix, as evidenced by the lack of free space. Galeria Kaskada, thanks to its location, compactness and well-chosen tenants, can also be proud of its very high traffic. There is only one large vacant space in the center – a place that was previously occupied by Alma supermarket.

The shopping center market in Szczecin can be assessed as stable. The main objects do not complain about the lack of customers, who actually make purchases. If we exclude the vacancy in Galeria Kaskada, which was caused by the Alma’s supermarket failure, the vacancy rate in Szczecin would be 2,5%.


In the Turzyn shopping center the Pepco shop has been opened, but there still is a relatively large number of vacancies. The Atrium Molo enjoys an increased number of customers, which can be observed in inaccessible parking spaces even in the middle of the week. Szczecin Outlet Park, in the right outskirts of the City, is worth mentioning, with a large number of clients and a small amount of vacancies (there are only two free spaces left). Currently the facility is being expanded and all works should be finished in Q3 3017. Facilities located nearby – Auchan and Galeria Gryf, serve as local commercial facilities (services and hypermarkets). Definitely the worst situation is in Mercredo, which despite the presence of stores such as Decathlon and Media Markt, does not attract a large number of customers.