Łódź shopping centres

The Łódź market illustrates very well the development of shopping centres in Poland. We can find there objects from the mid-90s, like hypermarkets with small galleries of shops and service units, often not fulfilling modern technical and functional standards, as well as modern shopping centres with a full range of shops, gastronomy and entertainment offer. The latter ones, with Manufaktura in the lead, record entries of new brands, growth of visits and turnovers. Recently in Manufaktura appeared among others: Decathlon sports store, Żabka grocery store, Le Creuset premium homeware, new gastronomical concepts such as Starbucks coffee shop, Whiskey In The Jar restaurant and Bobby Burger bar, while Reserved has modernized its store. Also, older and smaller shopping centres, e.g. Pasaż Łódzki, thanks to good location, stable market position and modernization carried out, still attract the tenants and customers. The average vacancy rate for Łódź shopping centres in 2017 amounted 4,4% (increase by 1% compared to the same period last year). The main generator of vacancy growth is Sukcesja shopping centre, which still isn’t fully commercialized, despite more than two years that have passed since its opening. The significant amount of vacancy rate is also located in the Port Łódź (e.g. after Marks & Spencer store) and M1 (after Praktiker store).