A visit to Wrocław high streets

The January visit of Colliers experts in Wrocław's high streets showed two trends regarding this segment of the market that took place in the second half of the 2017 year. The first trend was the formation of new gastronomic concepts. New restaurants, bars and cafes appeared on the Wrocław market, eg. Heca, Umami, Deja Vu, Steak N'Roll, Pijawka and John Burger, and at Świdnicka st. Green Cafe Nero, Soup and Pizza Hut Express. The second tendency concerns the banking sector chains optimization - from ul. Świdnicka disappeared the following bank offices: Millennium and Eurobank, and from Rynek Pekao SA. Like in other cities, Marks & Spencer closed its fashion store located at ul. Oławska. However, the average vacancy rate on the market remained unchanged. However, a few properties with retail space are still at the renovation stage, which allows us to expect the delivery of new retail premises in a good standard.