Wrocław – changing food operators

Wrocław is still the most saturated retail market among the largest agglomerations in Poland (923 m2/1,000 inhabitants). The city owes its position to the 20 shopping centres currently operating there. The vacancy rate increased slightly, mainly due to changes of food operators. The Wroclavia is the newest Wrocław’s gallery (Q4 2017), frequented both for shopping, entertainment and business purposes, as well as a meeting place. Newbie, a chain with clothes and furniture for children, is one of its new tenants – the first store in Wroclaw and the second in Poland.

Biedronka’s takeover of the area previously leased by Piotr i Paweł was a major change in the Tarasy Grabiszyńskie. A similar change occurred in the Marino shopping centre, after the British chain Tesco decided to withdraw from the scheme. In turn, at the Młyn Retail Park talks are going on with potential tenants in terms of the vacant space left in result of its food operator’s departure (Piotr i Paweł). Visible changes are also observed in the Sky Tower, a building owned by LC Corp. The new strategy implies the creation of an unusual cultural place and an arrangement of unique gastronomic concepts, restaurants and bars – the Sky Kitchen.