Walk through high streets of Łódź

We started our walk in Łódź from its most presentable street, Piotrkowska. The walk covered the section from Piłsudskiego Street to the Plac Wolności which is being prepared for revitalization. Of all the tenants who have their premises at the main promenade in Łódź (ie, among others, banks, clothing and jewelry stores), the most numerous are gastronomic joint owners. In Piotrkowska Street, we can eat traditional Polish dishes, as well as Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine.

Piotrkowska is an interesting place for lovers of art, antiques or rare books. During our walk, we counted a dozen of vacant premises which are located mainly in pre-revitalisation houses.

While passing through Piotrkowska St., it is impossible to overlook the dynamically developing OFF Piotrkowska project. The former Ramisch cotton factory today is a place that attracts tenants such as architectural offices, fashion and interior showrooms as well as restaurants, clubs and cafés.

There were also such service providers as a barber shop or a store fully dedicated to running enthusiasts.

The younger and slightly smaller but equally interesting version of the OFF Piotrowska project is 217, Piotrkowska St. (Piotrkowska St. No. 217), where, apart from having a chance to taste dishes of various cuisines in the post-industrial spaces, one can try out a roller skating rink or create a personalised chocolate bar in a specialised shop.