Walk through high streets of Warsaw

The end of 2018 didn’t bring any important changes in main retail streets in Warsaw. However, there are still new office buildings under construction near main commercial arteries, occupied by tenants– like, for example, Centrum Marszałkowska, fully leased up by, among others, Orange, mBank and Sezam.

In Chmielna Street, two big vacant spaces are free, of which one, about 1,600 m2, has become available after the Smyk store was closed. From Nowy Świat Street, Krakowski Kredens deli and Matras bookstore have move out. However, the space of the second one has been already leased by a Mole Mole bookstore.

We are currently observing a significant rotation of tenants in main Warsaw commercial streets, for example, on Grójecka Street, Żabka has replaced the Pełen Koszyk shop, while on Nowy Świat St., Peanuts store has been replaced by the Ambadasa Wódki. In other places, a vacancy rate is rising – among others, the Planet shop in Tamka St., the Cupcake Corner in Chmielna St. and Wzorcownia in Puławska St. have been closed. Vacant spaces are usually leased up by gastronomy, for example, Pijana Wiśnia in Nowy Świat, N.S. Coffe in Chmielna St., Vegenada on Zbawiciela Square, and Green Café Nero in Jerozolimskie Avenues.

Santander Bank, which took over Deutsche Bank and Bank Zachodni BZ WBK, is rebranding its premises. It seems, that entities from the financial sector have finished process of optimisation of their network and are currently modernising the units, which contain their offices.

Despite these events, newly constructed buildings and a great amount of vacant space, the second half of 2018 didn’t bring significant changes on the tenants market in main commercial streets in Warsaw.