Winter inspection of the Tri-City’s high streets


We started the winter inspection of the Tri-City’s high streets in Gdynia, and more specifically from Świętojańska Street considered the most representable one in the city. The street is like a shopping center – we heve seen all kinds of shops here, but there were restaurants and bars, too. You can visit for example Mąka i Kawa restaurant, Pizza Hut or Czernis confectionery.

 Unfortunately, what struck our eyes was a large amount of vacant space for rent and premises put up for sale (we counted 19 vacancies, including the vacancy left by the Lewiatan market - about 100 m2). A new investment, which has a chance to become a gem not only for Gdynia, but even the entire Tri-City is a complex Waterfront. It is located at Kosciuszko Square with direct access to the sea and convenient access from every part of the Trójmiasto. The facility can become a new business, cultural and gastronomic center of the city. Vastint Poland is working on the project.

We took our next steps in Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street in Sopot. The street was full of life, an ice rink was also available and the diversity of the gastronomic offer was overwhelming (Italian, French, American or Mediterranean cuisine). We encountered one or two vacancies here, but on the scale of the entire street it is a fraction of the total retail and service area. We noticed that some of the tenants used the winter period to refresh the arrangement of the premises. 

We ended our walk by visiting the most prestigious streets of Gdansk. We walked the streets: Długa, Długi Targ, Targ Rybny, Stągiewna and Wyspa Spichrzów, we caught up with the Stary Maneż. The Main Town Square is a place that attracts tourists all year long. They have a lot of eating places at their disposal, for example, the Piwnica Rajców at 57, Dluga Street, where you can experience a new culinary adventure by arranging for dinner in the total dark. We also saw a lot of gift shops and jewelry studios offering amber merchandise (along Długie Pobrzeże or Mariacka Street). Just like in Sopot, it's in pointless to look for vacancies here, if any of them appears – it immediately finds a new tenant.

Noteworthy is the northern part of the Wyspa Spichrzów (the Granary Island) which is undergoing an amazing metamorphosis. The project is already attracting not only tourists, but also Gdańsk’s inhabitants. Half thousand flats along with - offices, hotels, and a roof-covered service and commercial passageway, occupied mainly by restaurants and cafes are planned to be there.