Gastronomy in high streets of Łódź

As in the previous year, we started the inspection in Łódź from one of the longest high streets in Europe – Piotrkowska (section from the intersection with Piłsudski Street to Wolności Square). During the year, the street has gained new tenants, mainly from the gastronomic sector; opened, among others, a restaurant with Balkan specialties (“Balkan Grill”), there is also a plan for opening the premises, where delicious breakfasts and lunches and real Italian coffee (“Caffe Corto”) will be served.

We have also a new nightclub on Piotrkowska, the ”Little Havana”, opened by two Cubans, offering Latin rhythms and Cuban drinks. A few seasonal tenants moved in, including one with the well-known craft ice cream. Also, those gastronomic tenants who have already been operating in Piotrkowska are expanding their businesses by opening more points. So it happened in the case of the “Bistro” premises.

We also noticed the re-branding of Freshmarket grocery stores - currently Żabka.

Book lovers can go to Piotrkowska, which has acquired one more branch of a bookseller “Book sie rodzi”, already active in this area.

In the OFF-Piotrkowska complex, a new brand  “Len and Bawelna” of well-known Łódź restaurateurs, with traditional Polish cuisine is being prepared for the opening in the newly commissioned Teal office building. Designer cargo containers appearing seasonally, also operate here. They serve, among others,waffles or Belgian fries.

At 217 Piotrkowska Street without any major changes – the place still welcomes guests with a varied gastronomic offer in the constantly operating restaurants: from the wine bar through the vegetarian cuisine, Japanese cuisine to dishes served from the food trucks.