Tricity's high streets

In Tricity, we visited several high streets which are considered to be the most representative. We started our research of tenant structure and vacancy rates from Świętojańska Street in Gdynia. Świętojańska St. is dominated by gastronomic venues, grocery stores and fashion. On the other hand, the number of bank branches has decreased. We are observing quite high rotation of tenants and a significant number of vacancies, which are often in bad technical and visual condition. The area around Kościuszko Square and the Waterfront complex becomes a noteworthy place due to new flats as well as office and retail projects. This area has a chance to become a new business, cultural and gastronomic centre of the city.

Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street in Sopot was our next step. During summer season the street is dominated by tourists who can take advantage of the wide gastronomic offer, cinemas, fashion offer, jewellery stores, etc. Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street has a stable and low vacancy rate of premises 90% of which can be found from the intersection of Westerplatte and Bohaterów Monte Cassino Streets to Niepodległości Avenue.

Next, we visited the most prestigious streets in Gdańsk: Długa, Długi Targ, Targ Rybny, Stągiewna and Wyspa Spichrzów (Granary Island). We also took note of newly emerging housing estate Garnizon and Stary Maneż. The Main Town Square is a place that attracts tourists all year long. It has a lot of restaurants, gift shops and jewellery studios, which offer mainly amber products. Just like in Sopot, there are almost no vacancies in the area.

Noteworthy is the northern part of Wyspa Spichrzów (Granary Island) which is undergoing a metamorphosis. The project is already attracting not only tourists, but also Gdańsk’s inhabitants. Flats, offices and hotels are delivered. There are many restaurants and cafes along Stągiewna Street and Motława waterfront. In addition, footbridge connecting Ołowianka Street and Warta Street is available for use. It facilitates movement and increased foot traffic on Ołowianka itself, as well as facilitates access to Granary Island.

It is also worth paying attention to the Garnizon Estate and Stary Maneż – a new dynamically developing district connecting a residential function with services on the ground floor, office, cultural and entertainment. This part of Gdańsk, especially Stary Maneż, with the eco bazaar has a chance to become one of the most frequently visited places by both agglomeration residents and tourists.