Kraków: Szewska street with new gastronomy tenants

The analysis of the main shopping streets in Krakow, conducted during summer, covered 7 streets, including two "meeting places" (destination place). In total 472 retail and service premises were analysed, including 18 vacancies, 35 souvenir shops and as many as 235 gastronomic premises. New gastronomy tenants have arrived at Szeroka 22, including Al. Medina restaurant serving Arabic cuisine. Before the pandemic it was located on the neighboring Dajwór Street.

This restaurant has become one of the 94 gastronomic premises in Krakow's Kazimierz. We are monitoring selected streets (Szeroka Street, Plac Nowy, Józefa, Skwer Judah) od this district for several years.

There are also no surprises among tenants on the Main Square (Rynek Główny) and its vicinity. Nakielny Resto, a gastronomic tenant, moved into the premise which had been leased previously by the TATUUM clothing store. Right next to it, at Rynek Główny 34, there was another change of tenant. Polonia Wax Museum - Wax Figures which was located in this unit, changed its location to Floriańska Street 32 during the last year. However, the unit at Rynek Główny is not empty - the new tenant is Międzymiastowa restaurant, serving continental cuisine.

The observation of changes taking place on Krakow's streets, we have not noticed an excessive increase in vacancy rates. Since our last visit, empty premises have been left by, among others, Camper store located at Floriańska Street, a women's fashion store also at Floriańska Street, and Chipsy King - Belgian fries gastronomy unit located at Szewska Street.