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  • 1535704668

    The unemployment rate is low and employers are competing to acquire talented staff. A staff-friendly office is now a motivational element for potential staff. A derivative of this trend is an increase …

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  • 1521544848

    The modern retail market in Radom dates from the end of the 90s. Currently, there are five shopping centres with a commercial offer operating in the city totaling approx. 127,000 m2. The largest schem …

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  • 1519030277

    Most of the current retail schemes in Kielce were built in the first years of the 21st century. The exception is Galeria Korona, which was delivered to the market in 2012. Four major shopping centers  …

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  • 1518692299

    The January visit of Colliers experts in Wrocław's high streets showed two trends regarding this segment of the market that took place in the second half of the 2017 year. The first trend was the form …

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  • 1517843722

    Krakow shopping centres are changing, which is reflected, among others, in the average vacancy rate at a stable level 5%. Galeria Plaza, which is going to be reconstructed and transformed into the out …

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  • 1516705204

    The January monitoring of the main shopping streets in Warsaw showed the deepening of unfavorable trends observed in this market segment. It is especially visible on the representative Trakt Kró …

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  • 1516621226

    Kraków city centre, as a well-known tourist destination, attracts concepts aimed mainly at foreigners. As a result, on Kraków’s high streets food and beverage tenants, financial in …

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  • 1516111336

    The Łódź market illustrates very well the development of shopping centres in Poland. We can find there objects from the mid-90s, like hypermarkets with small galleries of shops and service unit …

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  • 1513181865

    We see the likelihood of escalating retail demand via consumer spending as very high. Annual EUR-terms retail sales growth was in a range of 3.6% per annum in Slovakia all the way up to a blistering 1 …

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  • 1507648334

    Polish retail chains are successfully expanding in the CEE region for years. Among the native brands present on European markets are, among others: LPP Group, CCC, Kazar, Wojas, Badura, Gino Rossi, Si …

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