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  • 1566891182

    There is no slightest trace of the Christmas market in the Poznań’s old town. Now, gastronomy tenants adapt their holiday offers to the needs of tourists. In place of mulled wine one can choose  …

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  • 1566297270

    In Tricity, we visited several high streets which are considered to be the most representative. We started our research of tenant structure and vacancy rates from Świętojańska Street in Gdynia. Święto …

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  • 1566297444

    The recent summer monitoring of the main high streets of Wrocław included Rynek, Świdnicka with Kosciuszki Square and also Oławska, Kuźnicza, Pawła Włodkowica and Świętego Antoniego Streets. Tenants …

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  • 1564389298

    As in the previous year, we started the inspection in Łódź from one of the longest high streets in Europe – Piotrkowska (section from the intersection with Piłsudski Street to Wolności Sq …

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  • 1563794973

    The summer tour of the main shopping streets in Warsaw did not record any spectacular changes, but it is worth mentioning a few new catering locations which appeared or will appear soon in the city ce …

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  • 1562244884

    Experts from Colliers International visited Kraków in June to find out there has been few changes or novelties in retail structure of the main shopping streets. The Old Town and Kazimierz distr …

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  • 1550491304

      We started the winter inspection of the Tri-City’s high streets in Gdynia, and more specifically from Świętojańska Street considered the most representable one in the city. The street is …

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  • 1550162056

    The end of 2018 didn’t bring any important changes in main retail streets in Warsaw. However, there are still new office buildings under construction near main commercial arteries, occupied by t …

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  • 1549890779

    We started our walk in Łódź from its most presentable street, Piotrkowska. The walk covered the section from Piłsudskiego Street to the Plac Wolności which is being prepared for revitalization. …

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  • 1549546109

    In the end of 2018 average vacancy rate in Częstochowa shopping centres reached 6.7%, i.e. nearly 1% lower than the level measured in the middle of the previous year. The reason for the decline is the …

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